What We're Doing

We work to empower the young and vulnerable children experiencing homelessness in Kisenyi, the largest slum in Kampala, Uganda - who have been forced to the streets due to varying conditions at home. There are upwards of 15,000 children experiencing homelessness in Uganda, with Kisenyi being the largest slum in Kampala. Kampala gains approximately 16 children leaving home a day. Although, these innocent, young children have escaped abuse, poverty, or death of a family member(s), they are often turned a blind eye to. The people who are supposed to be their advocates and protect them are the ones who actually reinforce the

negative cycle of abuse. This makes it extremely difficult for the boys to not only escape homelessness itself, but also the "street boy" stigma that comes with it. Together, with your help we

want to bring these boys from the streets to success. We will house, clean, feed, and educate the boys in a school-like curriculum, while we search for sponsors to uplift these boys out of such unfortunate circumstances. With the aid of a sponsor these boys will be able to return to school, a luxury many cannot afford, and work towards being confident, educated, and independent men.

Our goal with all the boys is to be their advocates, protectors, and their friends. We aim to get them out into the community, whether that be through dance classes, workshops, or sports and try to eliminate the stigma so that these boys can live the fulfilling lives they are so deserving of.

We also will continue to do outreach with the boys still

remaining in Kisenyi in order to strengthen our relationship and build trust with them twice a week. We provide food, medical care, and necessities to bathe and keep up their personal hygiene. Our hope is to show the community and remind the boys that they are not simply their circumstances, but so much more. Getting them out into the community will encourage good behavior as well as to show them people do truly care for them and want to help. Regardless of how many boys come into the safe home, outreach will absolutely always be a priority as well.

Our Home

The home will house three groups: boys in search of sponsors, boys working through trade school, and boys in boarding school during the breaks between terms. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy for both the staff and the boys regarding violence, drugs, and alcohol. We will provide basic lessons in English, mathematics, and science plus three square meals a day, consisting of traditional Ugandan food- tea, rice, posho, beans, silverfish, fruits, etc. A team with a background in medical, social work, psychology, and various others. We use this knowledge to connect with the boys as well as treat and assess any medical concerns within our scope of practice as well as teach basic hygiene and healthcare. Our staff has a history and experience of both working with challenging behaviors, various shelters, as well as personal connections to Kisenyi. We work closely with Mental Health professionals to ensure all the boys are getting their mental health needs met. If we deem fit and the boy agrees we will get them in One on One therapy with one of the therapist we have paired up with here in Uganda. Here at Streets To Success Foundation we take the boys mental health very serious, we believe in order to have a

successful future they should have a good healthy mind set and all diagnosis should be treated. In addition to classroom style lessons, we also have had various events for the boys such as dance class, beach days, a field to play football etc. We also encourage all the boys to explore their creativity, expressing themselves in art, singing, writing, and dance. We believe that having a creative outlet, taking part in sports and a healthy life style, having a stable and reliable staff, as well as having an option to take part in talk therapy this

will provide all the boys with the best opportunity to be well rounded as well as have a healthy mental state. In addition, we are hoping to eventually have a garden, small farm, and craft shop just to start, so that the boys will not only be exposed to a variety of trades, if school isn't for them, but also in hopes that the boys will find a trade to be self sufficient.

We truly love and care for these boys as our own and have high hopes for the positive impacts these boys can have in the future.



Outreach is essential to the sustainability of Streets to Success Foundation. We must maintain our connection with our boys who are still living on the streets. Our program developed as a direct result of meeting, playing, and growing our relationships with the boys living in Kisenyi slum. Therefore we are happily obliged to continue our outreach program. Every Wednesday from 12 - 5 pm we host program in a drop in center just outside Kisenyi. This program allows the boys to bathe, wash their clothes, play football, play cards and board games, listen to music, have a class room style lesson, at the end of program they will receive lunch. There is many benefits from being in the house for program, including them being sober for the program time, having a class room to have discussions caring from safe sex, personal hygiene, drug abuse, and other lessons such as English and Math. We are also able to use this house as a chance to empower and educate other members of the community, currently we have someone to cook and clean in the house, and we are looking to hire a teacher, gymnastic teachers, and other Uncles from the community to continue to grow our bond and work within the community. On Fridays we host outreach from 2 - 5pm, we gather with a group of the boys to host a program in Kisenyi involving games, education, and personal hygiene. By hosting program outside, we are able to be more involved with the community, we are able to work with other members of the communities, such as some of the older boys in Kisenyi, the girls in Kisenyi, the boys that are working and only come for a short time. Having program both inside a home and outside in the center of Kisenyi, gives us a chance to experience and help in both environments. In both outreaches we host around 25 - 100 kids. There is free basic medical aid (wound care, malaria, thypoid treatment etc) alongside a growing trusting bond being created. We spend time getting to know each boy and when they are ready, we begin to learn about their past and the reasons that led them to live a life on the streets. From here, we aid to provide free counseling and gain a genuine, respectful relationship. The main highlight for these boys is a free meal (however small it may be). The time they spend with us takes away from them being out collecting scrap, bottles, bags, thus they won't make as much money. Outside of program, both us staff and volunteers are heavily involved in day-to-day life in Kisenyi. Not a day goes by without one of us visiting the boys currently on the streets and keeping our bonds growing. We are also lucky to have a good connection and communication with the community in Kisenyi. This is allows us to stay up to date with any medical needs, the mental health of the boys, and the safety of the boys.

Any general donations given to Streets to Success will also benefit the boys currently on the streets and our outreach with them.