Why Does it Cost So Much?

You aren’t just supporting a boys school but his entire life. We understand the cost is hefty, but its also quite front loaded and will decrease after first term. You will be paying for school, supplies, clothes, medical, personal hygiene etc. We are a small organization with no funders to help cut the cost of the boys pay, 100% of what you pay will go directly to the boys and his needs. Each sponsor will get private accountability for the spending. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us!

Why Don’t You Share Their Stories?

We love our boys and they are more than just their past circumstances that led them to the streets. To maintain their dignity, we do not post individual stories.

Can I Meet My Boy(s)/Stay Anonymous?

We encourage all sponsors to have a relationship with their boy(s). The boys love knowing about their sponsor who so graciously supports them. We will facilitate phone calls and video chats if/when possible. If you choice to remain anonymous, we will respect that decision.

Are You Tax Deductible?

Currently we are not Tax deductible, but that is a goal we have for the future.

Can I Get Updates On All The Boys?

Yes! We are posting updates, other frequently asked questions, and more! You can find us at streets-to-success.blogspot.com

Feel free to leave us any comments on any specific questions you would like an in-depth answer to.

What If I Can No Longer Support The Boy(s) Schooling?

We ask any and all future sponsors to take this very seriously. Some boys may need a sponsor for schooling for 10(+) years, depending on age and schooling they require. You are supporting their entire education so we ask for a serious commitment. We ask everyone who supports the boys to assess their dedication to fulfilling a successful sponsorship. That being said we understand you can’t predict the future, so if you can no longer financially support the boy(s) we ask you give us 3 months to prepare and find some alternatives for your boys(s) before you end the sponsorships.

Can I Split The Cost Of Sponsoring a Kid With Someone?

Yes, a group of people can come together to sponsor a boy. The pricing will still need to be paid in full.