Annabelle Brigandi

Founder & Executive Director

Hello! I’m Annabelle, and I have been living part time in Uganda since February of 2017. I originate from Southern California, USA. Back home in California and in my free time in Uganda I work with people with disabilities as a home aide and a volunteer teachers aide. I met the boys in Kisenyi in early 2018 and ever since then that’s where my heart belonged. I am a firm believer that it's a human right to have access to an education, food, clean water, medical and mental health care. In addition, everyone has a right to an equal amount of respect and dignity given to them, it's especially important to ensure these values while working in a vulnerable population. I believe in connecting without judgment, holding spaces for all voices to be heard and allowing yourself to constantly to be educated. These boys continue to inspire me with their dedication, work ethics, and kindness to all. It’s been an honor to work with them! It’s a dream come true to share a passion for these boys with so many amazing people and be apart of ‘Streets To Success Foundation’. I hope you join me in this journey towards finding success for every boy.

The Staff

Mugambwa Paul

Director & Social Worker

Paul is an integral part of STSF. With an education and history of social work and working in group homes / reunification he is the best man for this job! Paul has a heart of gold and cares so deeply about the boys and their families and only desires and works to do the best by them. He works within the house to counsel the boys and teach them how to grow up to be a responsible and respectful man. He helps them with how to regulate their emotions and prepare for their future as well as life skills tasks such as cooking and cleaning. He works to sensitize and prepare families for the reunification of their child.  And makes sure the reunification of boy and family goes smoothly and safely.

Anna Nakyoobe

House Matron

Anna is a single mom of four kids with a humble, Christian based background. Although life hasn’t been easy for her, she has managed through hard work and dedication to work her way out and live a life she's proud of. Anna has always dreamed of working with disadvantaged youth, so working with ‘Streets To Success Foundation’ is a dream come true. Anna works tirelessly to ensure not only are the boys well cared for and growing up to be responsible and respectful men, but also works within administration work. Her dedication to the boys shows day to day as she is constantly working and growing to improving the boys, finding various ways to educate the boys and teach them new ways to become independent young men. Anna believes it’s not about your past or who you once were, but you are today and who you are dedicated to being in the future. She loves being able to work closely with their education and growth in all forms, making sure they’re attending their therapy, dance, and boxing classes as well as helping with homework.

Mambo John

Care Staff

Mambo is the direct care staff for the sponsorship house for Streets To Success Foundation. His day to day consists of overall care for the children and ensuring their safety and helping lead activities with them such as football and caring for the animals. Mambo has worked previously with children experiencing homelessness and has a passion for making sure these children can get off the streets and into a safe home and receive their education they need. His passion really shines through when he gets to connect with each individual boy and helps guide them with their future and dreams, he listens to their concerns and goals and helps them work through that. He relates and understands boys and uses his experience and life as a tool to help better these boys current and future life.