What We Do

The home will be a safe home (no violence, no drugs, no abuse etc)

where they will be welcomed with open arms and open hearts. The

goal is to get them sponsored so they can further their education

and live an independent successful life afterwards. The home is for

kids on school holiday, kids that go to trade school, and kids hoping

to be sponsored soon. Within the home, we will do basic health care

as well as some education in both lifestyle (crafts, gardening,

cooking, etc) and basic class studies. We also prioritize their mental

health, ensuring each child can reach their full potential, we do this

through house discussions as well as individual therapy. We hope to

connect the kids back with their families if they desire and we deem

the situation safe. We continue to host outreach twice a week for

children still experiencing homelessness. We use this time to provide

food and clean water, chance to bathe, free medical care, games,

counseling, and lots and lots of love.

Why We Need You

As these children are either former or current children experiencing homelessness. Due to their circumstances they live(d) in, they lack many of the necessities and even the slightest of luxuries. With your help we will be able to provide these children with a great opportunity to health and happiness. When you choose to sponsor a child or an event it will help provide.

  • Housing (for boys in our sponsorship program)
  • All their school supplies
  • Clothing & shoes
  • Medical checkups and treatments
  • Nourishing food
  • Health and hygiene products
  • Educational assistance
  • Therapy / Counseling to help the children discover their value


Sponsoring a child is a big commitment, as you will be positively changing the child’s life forever by providing a much-needed education and comfortable lifestyle. Because many of our boys would not be able to have this opportunity without the help of a sponsorship, they are extremely grateful for any help they receive. We do not require that the sponsors have a personal relationship with their sponsor child; however, many sponsors do choose to help encourage the child by having that kind of relationship. Video calling, letter writing, and exchanging videos are all means of exhibiting that the boys have support from their sponsor both financially and emotionally. Many of our boys enjoy being able to show their sponsor their progress in school and emotionally by sharing their school reports, drawings, or simply talking about their daily activities that give them joy. Although we support and encourage a relationship between sponsors and their sponsor boy, we understand that this may not be practical for everyone and appreciate any help. If you would like to remain anonymous or are unable to have said relationship, please just let us know what type of relationship/connection you are hoping to have with your sponsor child.


If you would like to sponsor any of these events please donate by clicking here and leave a comment with your preferred event!

Whether you decide to do a one-time donation or a monthly donation, thank you! Every dollar truly will help change the lives of current and former children experiencing homelessness in Kisenyi, Uganda.  Below is a general list of ideas that your donation may go to, if you would like to donate to a specific cause you may leave a comment in your donation for you choosing or you can donate to our general funds.


Donations for House (around 20-25 boys)

Food for 1 month: $650 USD. This covers veggies, posho, beans, donuts, cassava, rice and sugar for 1 month for all the house boys. 

Personal Hygiene Bags: $67 USD. This covers the cost of bathing soap, washing soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and skincare for all the house boys.

Canvas shoes: $210 - $270 USD. This cost we will be able to purchase shoes for all the boys in our home.* 

New clothes: $210-$270 USD. This cost each boy will be able to go shopping and purchase some new clothes! As we encourage the boys to become their own individual self, they are allowed to pick out their own clothes, so in return we can’t offer an exact number of items of clothing. But, expect around 2 pairs of paints and 4 shirts per boy.*

General funds: Any amount appreciated. If you decide to donate to our general funds, this may go to any of the above causes or may go to security to keep the boys safe, up keep for our house dog including food and vet appt, wage for our wonderful staff, cleaning supplies, other necessities for cooking, outreach and other necessities in Kisenyi, and medical needs and supplies, and various games and toys for the boys and so on.  

Kisenyi Outreach (around 40-100 boys per program / roughly 320 – 400 meals a month) 

Outreach per month: $290 USD. This includes our indoor outreach as well as our outdoor outreach, this cost covers rent, wage for 2 staff members, food, and cookies.  

Open Showers for all of Kisenyi: $28 USD. This will open the public bathrooms for 1 month so any of the boys can shower / use the restroom for free.  

HIV Testing for 80 individuals: $30 USD. We aim to do testing every 3-5 months, this cost will cover for 80 individuals to be tested. For HIV testing, we welcome any members of the community to be tested.

-Only trained / medical personnel will do the testing, but in the case of a positive we will direct the individual to the appropriate clinic which can offer them free counseling and medication-  

Sandals for 80 boys: $105 USD. This will provide 80 boys in Kisenyi a chance to receive sandals, a luxury most of the children in Kisenyi do not have. 

Clothes for 80 boys: $150 USD. This will provide 80 boys a new top and bottom. (Due to the large crowds that can occur due with giving out free items, we will try to break this down into smaller groups and hand out around 20-40 outfits at a time)   

Thank you all for your love and support. With your help we are so excited to see these boys continue to grow and flourish in life. We can’t wait to watch these boys grow to their full potential. If you desire, we are happy to offer any photos and such to send you so you can see what you have given the boys.   

With Love, 

Everyone at Streets To Success Foundation 

 *This cost will vary on how many boys we have in the house at the time, please feel free to email us and get the exact number of boys if you would like to donate to one of these causes.