What We Do

As these children have been living on the streets, they do not have even

the smallest of luxuries. Your support would not just be for

schooling, but the entire life of the child and would provide:

  • Housing (In and out of school)
  • All living necessities
  • All school supplies
  • Clothing/shoes
  • Medical checkups and treatments
  • Nourishing food
  • Health and hygiene products
  • Educational assistance
  • Mentoring to help children discover their value

Why We Need You

The home will be a safe home (no violence, no drugs, no abuse, etc) where

they will be welcomed with open arms and open hearts. The goal is to

get them sponsored so they can further their education and live an

independent life afterwards. The home is for kids on school holiday,

kids that go to trade school, and kids hoping to be sponsored soon.

Within the home, we will do basic health care as well as some

education in both lifestyle  (crafts, gardening, cooking, etc) and basic class studies.

We hope to connect the kids back with their families if they desire and we deem the situation safe.


Cost will vary from child-to-child, as each child is different and will need different schooling, medical care, and housing.

Cost will range from 200$USD – 600$USD a term, with the first term being on the higher end.

To know more about the individual pricing for a kid and how much you will be spending each term go to “cost breakdown”.


Sponsoring a child is a big commitment, as you will be positively changing the child’s life forever by providing a much-needed education and comfortable lifestyle. Because many of our boys would not be able to have this opportunity without the help of a sponsorship, they are extremely grateful for any help they receive. We do not require that the sponsors have a personal relationship with their sponsor child; however, many sponsors do choose to help encourage the child by having that kind of relationship. Video calling, letter writing, and exchanging videos are all means of exhibiting that the boys have support from their sponsor both financially and emotionally. Many of our boys enjoy being able to show their sponsor their progress in school and emotionally by sharing their school reports, drawings, or simply talking about their daily activities that give them joy. Although we support and encourage a relationship between sponsors and their sponsor boy, we understand that this may not be practical for everyone and appreciate any help. If you would like to remain anonymous or are unable to have said relationship, please just let us know what type of relationship/connection you are hoping to have with your sponsor child.

Sponsor an Event

If you would like to sponsor any of these events please donate by clicking here and leave a comment with your preferred event!

Sponsor an Outreach

$20 USD

Sponsoring an Outreach includes hosting an outreach in Kisenyi, the largest slum in Kampala, Uganda. This will provide one meal, water, cookies / candies for 50 kids, as well as open up the bathrooms so the boys in Kisenyi can bathe and use the restrooms for a full week.

Sponsor a Football Game

$60 – $100 USD

There are two options for sponsoring a football game, for the boys in Kisenyi or the boys in the house.

Kisenyi: $60 USD. With this donation we will be able reserve a pitch, purchase food and water, and 2 football / soccer balls to take some of the boys still on the streets to play football / soccer! This gives the boys a chance to participate in physical activity and socialization.

House boys: 65$ /100$**. With this donation we will be able to take all the boys in the house out to play a football / soccer game. This will feed all 24 boys, get them water, rent the pitch, get 2 football / soccer balls, and transport to the pitch.

Sponsor a Dance Class

$6 – $55 USD

There are two options for sponsoring a dance class, for the the boys in Kisenyi or the boys in the house.

Kisenyi: 6$ USD*. This donation is for 10 boys to go to a local NGO dance class – Breakdance Project Uganda. This will cover food and drink.

House boys: 55$ USD a class. This donation will be for all boys in the house to have a local dance teacher come to the house and teach boy style dance.

Sponsor a Beach Day

$50 – $250 USD

There are two options for sponsoring a beach day, for the boys in Kisenyi or the boys in the house.

Kisenyi: 250$ USD. With this donation we will be able to take 80 kids who are still living on the streets to the beach. This cost will cover transport, food, and water. If you sponsor a beach day for Kisenyi this event will be held anytime between May 2020 – July 2020, due to needing to find enough adequate staff to make sure all 80 boys are safe.

House Boys: 50$ USD / 125$ USD**. With this donation we will be able to take the boys in the house to the beach. This covers transport, food, water, and entrance fees to the beach.

Sponsor Food for a Month for the House Boys

$215 – $415 USD

With this donation we will be able to buy 3 meals a day for 24 boys in the house. This will cover tea, bread, vegetables, peas, beans, rice, posho (maize flour).

*Price for this may go up over the next few months as we begin integrating more and more boys on the streets to the dance class

**These cost vary depending on if the boarding school boys are in school or at the home. Feel free to contact us on the date you would like to sponsor one of these events and we can clarify on whether the boys will be home and able to attend the event.

No matter how big or small all donations will be put towards the boys in the house and the boys on the streets. Use may vary from medical needs, food for Kisenyi, clothes for the boys, general up keep of the boys house – including food, security to keep the house safe, vet appt. and food for the house dogs, activities and games, new blankets etc. If you have a specific cause for your donation, please write it in the “comment” section of the donation page and we will be happy to comply!